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Our passion is in leveraging technology to do something that has meaning. We believe that the combination of our skilled consultants and your business vision can be a potent force.

What we can do.

Custom Applications

Systems Integration

Content Managed Websites (CMS)


Technical Strategy

Mobile Development

Custom Applications

Pod’s consultants have spent the vast majority of their careers architecting and developing a full range of application types, including e-commerce transactional systems, HIPAA-compliant healthcare apps, custom-built middleware solutions for start-ups, financial package integrations, cloud solutions, and content managed and high-traffic websites for colleges and universities. Our experience ranges from internally-facing applications with a small, well-defined user base to public-facing web applications that will be used by hundreds of thousands of users. And we can do it all in the technology of your choice, including proprietary solutions like ASP.NET or PHP open-source frameworks.

If you can dream it up, chances are, we can build it.

Case Study: #CancerSucks

Systems Integration

Complex IT landscape? No problem. We can build the customized architecture your business requires and integrate it with whatever you throw our way. Our consultants (we) have a wide breadth of expertise in tying together an impressive array of technologies. Integration is our bread and butter and we thrive on it.

Case Study: Financial Services Client

Flexibility and Customization.

Every client’s needs, circumstances and budget are different, so we tailor our approach to suit each client. Then we navigate the process together. And if things need to change along the way, we are there to adapt with you—not be a roadblock.

Content Managed Websites (CMS)

We build lots of content managed websites. And just so you know, we don’t undertake these by ourselves. Nope. We collaborate with trusted partners to bring best-in-show design and information architecture to the mix. (Kind of like how the Justice League brings together Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash.) Herein lies one of our superpowers: as opposed to pure CMS shops, we bring the rigor of building custom applications and the knowledge of the software development lifecycle to our CMS projects. We understand business process. We understand technology. And, we do integration. Did we mention that integration is our bread and butter and we love it?

Case Study: CMS-based health marketing site

Technical Strategy

pod consultants have years of experience in enterprise architecture planning, including technology roadmaps, platform recommendations, process reengineering and evaluating “in-house” versus “package” solutions. Based on your needs, we can audit your current technical situation and provide a strategy paper and/or a high-level architecture/technical design that you can then take any consultancy to build out your next generation solutions. Or we can use our super powers for good, and implement it for you.

Case Study: Dovetail Health

On time + on budget.

At the start of each project we work with our client to understand the scope of work, to set a target budget and a timeline. Then we get to work. As the project progresses, we collaborate with our client to fine tune the scope, timeline and budget.

Mobile and Responsive Solutions

Whether you’re a start-up building a consumer-facing mobile app or a well-established business evolving existing websites and software into responsive pages, we can help. The team at pod is well-versed in Apple iOS, Android, and even Windows phone app development. Need a native solution that works across mobile platforms? Yeah, we got that too. And our CMS solutions are all responsive these days. Pod works with our partner design agencies to carefully plan and beautifully execute responsive sites that work for your target audiences. If you’re not sure which devices matter, we’ll do the homework for you.

Full Life-cycle.

For engagements that require additional services, such as user experience design, visual/graphical design or QA testing, pod has proven business partners whose approach complements ours. We have worked seamlessly with these partners on dozens of engagements to deliver ‘one-stop-shopping’ for our clients.

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